The Wedding at Cana

10 January, 2017

This afternoon, in RE, Beech Class learnt the miracle story from Jesus’ life called, ‘The Wedding at Cana’. First we went on Google Earth and travelled from our school all the way to Cana in Israel.

We then produced some freeze frames to retell the story in a cartoon strip style.

Playing Parachute

6 January, 2017

Today at lunch time we got the parachute out and had some great fun playing different games in groups across the year groups.

Nine Lessons and Carols

14 December, 2016

Today we finally performed our Nine Lessons and Carols to celebrate Christmas, marking history in our school. We are very thankful to everyone who came to church and supported us. Well done to Beech Class and Chestnut Class for all of your hard work and enthusiasm! We wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas.

We won the Attendance Trophy again!

2 December, 2016

Well done Beech Class. We did it again!


Puppy has had an accident!

17 November, 2016

Today we had a class visitor, ‘Puppy’. During lunch time while he was playing in our classroom he had an “accident”. Beech Class were given a selection of 5 different materials and had to predict which material would clean his “mess” (water) up the best with a reason. We then tested each material and recorded our results. We had a very interesting discussion about absorbency and ended up questioning why toilet roll is used in toilets when paper towels soak up more. Do you remember the reasons we found out?

img_0612 img_0611

Measuring height and length using non-standard units

Using unifix cubes, we have been measuring the height and length of lots of things in class this week and comparing them to our partner’s from our hands and feet, to books and pencils. It was quite tricky making a tower of cubes to measure our height so we decided to lay down so that our tower of cubes would not break. To count such a long line of cubes the class suggested that we break them into groups of tens to count how many there are altogether. Look at the concentration on our faces!

img_0592img_0591img_0594 img_0596 img_0595

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

15 November, 2016

This afternoon Beech Class was busy sharing and grouping gifts for our shoe boxes to send to children who are not as lucky as we are in time for Christmas. This was a very moving experience for lots of children who said they felt special helping other people. Other children said that this was also helping God look after things in His world (which is what God had asked Adam to do) because we are looking after other children. We are going to send our shoe boxes to the Shoe Box Appeal Drop Off with a letter in each box for each child.This was an important reminder to us of how lucky we are and so today we wrote a class prayer, praying for children in the world who do not have the things that we do and said thank you for everything we have been given.


Tree Poetry

Thank you for such a beautiful poem in the same style as the one we read in class together. This had to be shared!


The Ten Commandments

11 November, 2016

This week we have been thinking about remembering and why it is important to write things down. When Moses went up Mount Sinai he received the Ten Commandments from God. We have been discussing why it is important that scriptures are written down. This afternoon we got to thinking about the Ten Commandments and tried to rank them in order of importance which led to some critical thinking and deep discussion in class. I promised that I would put them up here in order to carry on thinking about it at home during the weekend until we come back next week.

img_05311 img_05321

Remembrance Day

30 October, 2016

To commemorate this day we wrote about the importance of Remembrance Day for our Big Write this morning. We also watched the Queen lay a poppy wreath at the Cenotaph and so we made one too in class after our two minutes of silence to remember our soldiers.


Have a fantastic Half Term!

It’s Golden Time!

21 October, 2016

We finally collected all the pieces to our St. Mary’s badge puzzle which of course now means we have earned Golden Time! Some children claimed that seeing the final piece of the puzzle go on the badge was the best moment of Year 1 so far! As you can see by some of our faces we were QUITE excited!!!


Grouping in Tens and Ones

18 October, 2016

In Maths this week we have been learning to group numbers into tens when counting to develop a sense of place value.