Visiting Our New School

29 March, 2017

Today we took some children from Beech Class over to visit the site of our new school. We were taken around the building to see all of our new classrooms. We were very excited!

Art Workshop

15 March, 2017

This morning, to support our Science Week our Art focus was about the colour wheel and learning how to mix primary colours to create secondary colours. We then produced some fantastic versions of Kandinsky’s ‘Concentric Circle’ Collage.


The Science Crew

14 March, 2017

This morning we were very lucky to have the Science Crew come in and do an interactive activity about Earth’s materials and where they derive from: rocks, plants, animals and oil. We then went into class and learnt about how oil rig’s dig under the sea for oil and why it is such an important material.

A Timeline of Communication

This afternoon we were learning about communication and using our knowledge of timelines to order and understand how communication has developed over time.

Sponsored Spell

10 March, 2017

After a whole month of practising for the Sponsored Spell we finally completed all 100 words! Well done to everyone who took part! Thank you for all your support in helping us help Great Ormond Street Hospital. The children in Beech Class have decided that they would like to share the money they raise to donate some to a Water Aid charity too as they felt they needed to help after learning about Children’s Rights and Article 24.

World Book Day

2 March, 2017

Thank you for all your efforts on World Book Day including halving one-piece suits, making outfits and the accessories for the detail too! Everyone’s outfits were fantastic and I love the enthusiasm the children have in my class for stories and reading.

Phonics Evening

1 March, 2017

Please find the phonics evening information below.

Y1 phonics screening parents info

Article 24 – The Right to Safe Water to Drink

21 February, 2017

Today we spent the afternoon talking and thinking about Human Rights and the Right of a Child. We particularly were interested about Article 24, ‘You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well’. The more we learnt about this, the more we realised that actually not every child receives their rights. We were each given a cup and pretended that the water in our cup represented the water in our country. Some children had a half a cup, some a little and some barely anything. To add to this, we put dirt in some cups to represent the unsafe water some had. We were quite upset by this and were asking children who had only a little and dirty water in the cup how they were going to quench the thirst in their country! Miss Avetoom had a big cup of clean water and she represented the rich country who could help others by sharing her water. Some children who only had a little water shared with others who had even less! This was very touching as you can imagine.

Designing and Making Milk Cartons

10 February, 2017

This term in Beech Class, we evaluated lots of designs of milk cartons including the ones we get every day at snack time. We then designed our own milk cartons, evaluated them and made a final design before we made our finished product. We enjoyed it immensely and had amazing ideas which were produced into fantastic designs. I am very proud and Mrs Mutch was very impressed too! I hope you have a fantastic and safe half term. See you on Monday 20th February!

Audio Stories

26 January, 2017

Beech Class spent this afternoon listening, evaluating and editing audio stories that we created from our story maps. We then went into groups and recorded our own. We used our voices to create sound effects to the stories which made us laugh very much, especially when a cow in our story says, “What shall I moo?” instead of “do”!

Place Value

17 January, 2017

This week, Beech Class have been focusing on place value, understanding the value of each digit within the number and creating a visual representation of each number. Can you explain the difference between 13 and 30? or 15 and 50?

Year 1 Curriculum Spring 2017

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Year 1 Curriculum Plan Spring 1