World Book Day

2 March, 2018

We had to postpone our World Book Day celebrations because of the snow. However, when we returned to school there were some very interesting characters to be found around the building.

More music!

19 February, 2018

On 19th February we had a visit from “Sing Academy.” We learnt some songs with actions.


1 February, 2018

We enjoyed a music workshop on 1st February with Keith Waithe.

There’s a Chinese dragon at St Mary’s!

15 January, 2018

During Spring Term 1, the students of Beech Class enjoyed working with Traditional Tales from different parts of the world in their Literacy work. The Chinese tale of The Dragon Dinosaur also became the springboard for an Art and Design activity where they each had a dragon-body segment (as large as themselves!) to plan, decorate and cover with coloured scales, patterns, different textures of paper and ribbons. From each of their own drawn and labelled Dragon-head designs, they worked together as a class to collectively create a dragon’s head using recycled boxes and materials.

On Friday 9th February a Chinese dragon came alive! A fabulously bright and creative creature weaved and danced around the school hall to Chinese dragon dance music as an early celebration of the Chinese New Year!

Autumn 2017

4 October, 2017

For everyone in Beech Class 2017/2018, the Autumn term was a non-stop journey of adapting, discovering and exploring – with many surprises along the way! With each day starting with a ‘hello’ and a wave to the horses in fields just beyond our playground fence, each of the excited, eager learners threw all their energy and enthusiasm into every activity, be it in or out of the classroom. Apart from the quantum leaps of learning through the diverse Literacy and Maths activities, highlights included travelling in a Time Machine back to the year they were born, viewing Earth as if a member of the Space Station and uncovering the wild wonders of the Spinney within our new school’s grounds. They also each became budding authors, writing their own Lost Toy book professionally presented with a colourfully painted cover to match. A trip to the panto Jack and the Beanstalk proved an exciting, unforgettable experience, giving them renewed confidence needed to share the spotlight with Chestnut Class and venture onto a stage themselves in the term-end Nativity production ‘Here is the News’.

WOW! What a whirl-wind start! I believe there’s no containing this fabulous bunch of 5-and-6 year olds! So watch this space!

Beech Bakery

22 May, 2017

After making our chef hats last week and watching Miss Avetoom’s bread baking demonstration, today Beech Class finally became chefs. After baking the bread we taste tested all of them and there were 2 clear winners; the rustic oat wholemeal loaf and the cinnamon and raisin loaf. We video recorded the instructions while we were baking and are trying to edit our own cooking show after watching Jamie Oliver programs. I will upload it once it has been completed for you to enjoy too.

Sponsored Spell

10 May, 2017

Following our first ever Sponsored Spell we are extremely pleased to announce that we raised a huge £869.96 for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (GOSH) and £300.00 for Water Aid (as a point of action after learning about Article 24 in the Children’s Rights). A very big thank you for all of your efforts.

Design and Technology: Tasting and Evaluating Existing Bread Products

28 April, 2017

What a fantastic start to our Summer Term! Today we were tasting, recording and evaluating existing brands of bread. After evaluating bread packages last week and designing our own, we all voted which bread we would choose as our favourite based on the package alone. We then tasted the bread without knowing which bread package it came from and interestingly we found that our least favourite was the one which had our favourite packaging. This definitely got us all thinking.

Shabbat Shalom

4 April, 2017

This afternoon in RE we experienced what it would be like to be Jewish on Shabbat which is the day of rest. When God created the world, he rested on the seventh day and this is why Jewish people have Shabbat. Here are a few photos:

Happy Easter

30 March, 2017

Thank you for another great half term. Please find the link below for the overview of next half term.

Easter Bonnet Competition

These are just a few photos from our Easter Bonnet Competition that took place today. Thank you to everyone for making such an effort with all of your bonnets. They were all fantastic!