More music!

19 February, 2018

On 19th February we had a visit from “Sing Academy.” We learnt some songs with actions.


1 February, 2018

We enjoyed a music workshop on 1st February with Keith Waithe.

There’s a Chinese dragon at St Mary’s!

15 January, 2018

During Spring Term 1, the students of Beech Class enjoyed working with Traditional Tales from different parts of the world in their Literacy work. The Chinese tale of The Dragon Dinosaur also became the springboard for an Art and Design activity where they each had a dragon-body segment (as large as themselves!) to plan, decorate and cover with coloured scales, patterns, different textures of paper and ribbons. From each of their own drawn and labelled Dragon-head designs, they worked together as a class to collectively create a dragon’s head using recycled boxes and materials.

On Friday 9th February a Chinese dragon came alive! A fabulously bright and creative creature weaved and danced around the school hall to Chinese dragon dance music as an early celebration of the Chinese New Year!

Art Workshop

15 March, 2017

This morning, to support our Science Week our Art focus was about the colour wheel and learning how to mix primary colours to create secondary colours. We then produced some fantastic versions of Kandinsky’s ‘Concentric Circle’ Collage.


African Sunsets

10 February, 2016

Beech class have been learning about Africa this term. These paintings were inspired by some of the books we have looked at.

IMG_3934 IMG_3935 IMG_3936 IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941

The Crew Science Workshop

30 November, 2015

Beech class had a fun morning learning more facts about the human body. The interactive workshop provided all the children with hands on performance based learning where the children pretended to be a specific human body part. Beech class were split into two teams, red team verses blue team. Both teams collected points for answering questions about the five senses correctly. The children thoroughly enjoyed working with the large costumes and props, and are now human body experts!

image image_1 image_2 image_3