Science Week

16 March, 2017

This week Ash Class have been learning lots about science. We have been finding out about floating and sinking, mixing colours with paint and with light and watching volcanoes explode! We have also been looking after our chicks and watching them grow. We have been learning what we have to do to look after the chicks, how to keep them safe and what they like to eat.

On Monday we could hold the chicks for the first time. We were very gentle with them. The chicks have really soft fluff, called down, and their feathers are growing already.

On Wednesday we learnt about mixing paint colours. We started with the primary colours: red, blue and yellow. Then we mixed them to make secondary colours: purple, green and orange.

After we mixed the paint colours we looked at pictures by a Russian artist called Kandinsky. He painted pictures of small, medium and large circles inside squares. We made our own versions of the pictures by choosing colours and painting circles in different sizes. The pictures looked brilliant!

Eggs have appeared in Ash Class!

7 March, 2017

Today 11 eggs arrived in Ash Class. If you listen carefully you can hear something making noises inside the eggs. Some of the eggs have got tiny cracks in them. Perhaps tomorrow we will find out what animal is coming out!

The eggs are being kept warm inside the incubator.

Can you see the crack? This is called a pip. Something is trying to get out!

This half term…

4 March, 2017

Ash Class will be thinking about animals. We will be reading information and story books about different animals. We will be finding out where animals live and what they like to eat. We will also be learning about the story of Easter from the very beginning of Lent.

Mrs Aoudia on Wheels

3 February, 2017

This week Ash Class have been reading the story of Mrs Armitage on Wheels by Quentin Blake. Today Mrs Aoudia brought her bicycle in and we had lots of fun making improvements. We also wrote our own version of the story explaining what we have added to the bicycle.

Torches to help Mrs Aoudia see in the dark.

A jug in case Mrs Aoudia gets thirsty.

An umbrella to keep Mrs Aoudia dry in the rain.

We made felt flowers to make the handlebars pretty.

We strapped a chair onto the back of the bicycle with skipping ropes so Teddy can ride too.

It was a team effort!

Father Christmas comes to visit!

20 December, 2016

This morning we found snowy footprints in the playground. Later we heard bells and Father Christmas appeared in our classroom!

Ash Class perform the Nativity

15 December, 2016

Ash Class performed the Nativity for Beech and Chestnut classes on Tuesday. On Thursday we performed the Nativity at St Mary’s Church and all the parents came to watch. We were great!

Living Nativity at London Zoo

30 November, 2016


Ash Class went to see the Living Nativity at London Zoo. We met the wise men and their camels, Mary and the shepherds. We also met Father Christmas who told us about the animals who live at the North Pole. We even met his reindeer!

Nonsense words

10 October, 2016

Below is the Read Write Inc set 1 nonsense words for children to use their phonic knowledge to sound out (please feel free to print these out and use at home). These are not real words but use the sounds that the children have already learnt to blend and segment. There is also the blank template for nonsense words for you to create your own. Please note that children may call ‘nonsense’ words, ‘alien’ words and/or ‘fake’ words and children can always identify these words with a picture of an alien/ monster next to the word.

RWI_Set1 Nonsense words nonsense-man

RWI Nonsense words blank

Read Write Inc

2 October, 2016

Please see below the handout and information for this evening’s Read Write Inc. curriculum evening. If you have any questions please see Mrs Hale or Miss Curthoys.

Read Write Inc-handout-phonics-evening-Oct2016

Useful websites for parents and phonics home learning:

Sports Afternoon

1 July, 2016

Today we took part in our sports afternoon! because of the weather and other circumstances we had to be very creative in our space and activity allocation (classrooms and hall space!). Despite the rain, the afternoon was very successful and the children really enjoyed themselves!

IMG_0535 IMG_0699 IMG_0738 IMG_0740 IMG_0755 IMG_0775 IMG_0791 IMG_0801 IMG_0834 IMG_0856 IMG_0889 IMG_0892 IMG_0897 IMG_0908 IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0915 IMG_0920 IMG_0926 IMG_0929