Phonics Presentation 2020

16 November, 2020

Our new arrivals!!

8 March, 2018

Into the woods

3 October, 2017

Today Ash Class explored the spinney for the first time. We looked out for signs of autumn like conkers, acorns and leaves changing colour. We found lots of interesting objects and brought them back to the classroom to examine them more closely.


7 June, 2017

Ash Class have been learning about the butterfly life cycle. This week we finally released them!

At first the caterpillars were tiny, but they ate lots of food and got much bigger. Then each caterpillar made a chrysalis.

After a week the butterflies hatched out. We fed them fruit, flowers and sugar water.

Finally we let them go. They flew really fast!

Eggs have appeared in Ash Class!

7 March, 2017

Today 11 eggs arrived in Ash Class. If you listen carefully you can hear something making noises inside the eggs. Some of the eggs have got tiny cracks in them. Perhaps tomorrow we will find out what animal is coming out!

The eggs are being kept warm inside the incubator.

Can you see the crack? This is called a pip. Something is trying to get out!


22 April, 2016

As I’m sure you are all aware, our ducklings have arrived! We came back to school on Thursday to find 4 fluffy ducklings and on Friday we came back to 2 more! We had even more of a surprise when the 7th and final egg hatched on Friday morning for us all to see!

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