World Book Day.

We had to postpone our World Book Day celebrations because of the snow. However, when we returned to school there were some very interesting characters to be found around the building.

More music!

On 19th February we had a visit from “Sing Academy.” We learnt some songs with actions.


We enjoyed a music workshop on 1st February with Keith Waithe.


There’s a Chinese dragon at St Mary’s!

During Spring Term 1, the students of Beech Class enjoyed working with Traditional Tales from different parts of the world in their Literacy work. The Chinese tale of The Dragon Dinosaur also became the springboard for an Art and Design activity where they each had a dragon-body segment (as large as themselves!) to plan, decorate and cover with coloured scales, patterns, different textures of paper and ribbons. From each of their own drawn and labelled Dragon-head designs, they worked together as a class to collectively create a dragon’s head using recycled boxes and materials.

On Friday 9th February a Chinese dragon came alive! A fabulously bright and creative creature weaved and danced around the school hall to Chinese dragon dance music as an early celebration of the Chinese New Year!



For everyone in Beech Class 2017/2018, the Autumn term was a non-stop journey of adapting, discovering and exploring – with many surprises along the way! With each day starting with a ‘hello’ and a wave to the horses in fields just beyond our playground fence, each of the excited, eager learners threw all their energy and enthusiasm into every activity, be it in or out of the classroom. Apart from the quantum leaps of learning through the diverse Literacy and Maths activities, highlights included travelling in a Time Machine back to the year they were born, viewing Earth as if a member of the Space Station and uncovering the wild wonders of the Spinney within our new school’s grounds. They also each became budding authors, writing their own Lost Toy book professionally presented with a colourfully painted cover to match. A trip to the panto Jack and the Beanstalk proved an exciting, unforgettable experience, giving them renewed confidence needed to share the spotlight with Chestnut Class and venture onto a stage themselves in the term-end Nativity production ‘Here is the News’.

WOW! What a whirl-wind start! I believe there’s no containing this fabulous bunch of 5-and-6 year olds! So watch this space!

Monday 22nd May

Beech Bakery

After making our chef hats last week and watching Miss Avetoom’s bread baking demonstration, today Beech Class finally became chefs. After baking the bread we taste tested all of them and there were 2 clear winners; the rustic oat wholemeal loaf and the cinnamon and raisin loaf. We video recorded the instructions while we were baking and are trying to edit our own cooking show after watching Jamie Oliver programs. I will upload it once it has been completed for you to enjoy too.

Wednesday 10th May

Sponsored Spell

Following our first ever Sponsored Spell we are extremely pleased to announce that we raised a huge £869.96 for Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity (GOSH) and £300.00 for Water Aid (as a point of action after learning about Article 24 in the Children’s Rights). A very big thank you for all of your efforts.

Friday 28th April

Design and Technology: Tasting and Evaluating Existing Bread Products

What a fantastic start to our Summer Term! Today we were tasting, recording and evaluating existing brands of bread. After evaluating bread packages last week and designing our own, we all voted which bread we would choose as our favourite based on the package alone. We then tasted the bread without knowing which bread package it came from and interestingly we found that our least favourite was the one which had our favourite packaging. This definitely got us all thinking.


Shabbat Shalom

This afternoon in RE we experienced what it would be like to be Jewish on Shabbat which is the day of rest. When God created the world, he rested on the seventh day and this is why Jewish people have Shabbat. Here are a few photos:



Thursday 30th March

Happy Easter.

Thank you for another great half term. Please find the link below for the overview of next half term.


Easter Bonnet Competition

These are just a few photos from our Easter Bonnet Competition that took place today. Thank you to everyone for making such an effort with all of your bonnets. They were all fantastic!

Wednesday 29th March

Visiting Our New School

Today we took some children from Beech Class over to visit the site of our new school. We were taken around the building to see all of our new classrooms. We were very excited!

Wednesday 15th March

Art Workshop

This morning, to support our Science Week our Art focus was about the colour wheel and learning how to mix primary colours to create secondary colours. We then produced some fantastic versions of Kandinsky’s ‘Concentric Circle’ Collage.


Tuesday 14th March

The Science Crew

This morning we were very lucky to have the Science Crew come in and do an interactive activity about Earth’s materials and where they derive from: rocks, plants, animals and oil. We then went into class and learnt about how oil rig’s dig under the sea for oil and why it is such an important material.

A Timeline of Communication

This afternoon we were learning about communication and using our knowledge of timelines to order and understand how communication has developed over time.

Friday 10th March

Sponsored Spell

After a whole month of practising for the Sponsored Spell we finally completed all 100 words! Well done to everyone who took part! Thank you for all your support in helping us help Great Ormond Street Hospital. The children in Beech Class have decided that they would like to share the money they raise to donate some to a Water Aid charity too as they felt they needed to help after learning about Children’s Rights and Article 24.

Thursday 2nd March

World Book Day

Thank you for all your efforts on World Book Day including halving one-piece suits, making outfits and the accessories for the detail too! Everyone’s outfits were fantastic and I love the enthusiasm the children have in my class for stories and reading.

Wednesday 1st March

Please find the phonics evening information below.

Y1 phonics screening parents info


Tuesday 21st February

Article 24 – The Right to Safe Water to Drink

Today we spent the afternoon talking and thinking about Human Rights and the Right of a Child. We particularly were interested about Article 24, ‘You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well’. The more we learnt about this, the more we realised that actually not every child receives their rights. We were each given a cup and pretended that the water in our cup represented the water in our country. Some children had a half a cup, some a little and some barely anything. To add to this, we put dirt in some cups to represent the unsafe water some had. We were quite upset by this and were asking children who had only a little and dirty water in the cup how they were going to quench the thirst in their country! Miss Avetoom had a big cup of clean water and she represented the rich country who could help others by sharing her water. Some children who only had a little water shared with others who had even less! This was very touching as you can imagine.

Friday 10th February

Designing and Making Milk Cartons

This term in Beech Class, we evaluated lots of designs of milk cartons including the ones we get every day at snack time. We then designed our own milk cartons, evaluated them and made a final design before we made our finished product. We enjoyed it immensely and had amazing ideas which were produced into fantastic designs. I am very proud and Mrs Mutch was very impressed too! I hope you have a fantastic and safe half term. See you on Monday 20th February!

Thursday 26th January 2017

Audio Stories

Beech Class spent this afternoon listening, evaluating and editing audio stories that we created from our story maps. We then went into groups and recorded our own. We used our voices to create sound effects to the stories which made us laugh very much, especially when a cow in our story says, “What shall I moo?” instead of “do”!

Tuesday 17th January 2017

Place Value

This week, Beech Class have been focusing on place value, understanding the value of each digit within the number and creating a visual representation of each number. Can you explain the difference between 13 and 30? or 15 and 50?

Year 1 Curriculum Spring 2017

Click below to see our work for this half term

Year 1 Curriculum Plan Spring 1


Monday 10th January

The Wedding at Cana

This afternoon, in RE, Beech Class learnt the miracle story from Jesus’ life called, ‘The Wedding at Cana’. First we went on Google Earth and travelled from our school all the way to Cana in Israel.

We then produced some freeze frames to retell the story in a cartoon strip style.

Friday 6th January

Playing Parachute

Today at lunch time we got the parachute out and had some great fun playing different games in groups across the year groups.

Wednesday 14th December

Nine Lessons and Carols

Today we finally performed our Nine Lessons and Carols to celebrate Christmas, marking history in our school. We are very thankful to everyone who came to church and supported us. Well done to Beech Class and Chestnut Class for all of your hard work and enthusiasm! We wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas.


Friday 2nd December

We won the Attendance Trophy again!

Well done Beech Class. We did it again!


Thursday 17th November 2016

Puppy has had an accident!

Today we had a class visitor, ‘Puppy’. During lunch time while he was playing in our classroom he had an “accident”. Beech Class were given a selection of 5 different materials and had to predict which material would clean his “mess” (water) up the best with a reason. We then tested each material and recorded our results. We had a very interesting discussion about absorbency and ended up questioning why toilet roll is used in toilets when paper towels soak up more. Do you remember the reasons we found out?

img_0612 img_0611

Measuring height and length using non-standard units

Using unifix cubes, we have been measuring the height and length  of lots of things in class this week and comparing them to our partner’s from our hands and feet, to books and pencils. It was quite tricky making a tower of cubes to measure our height so we decided to lay down so that our tower of cubes would not break. To count such a long line of cubes the class suggested that we break them into groups of tens to count how many there are altogether. Look at the concentration on our faces!

img_0592img_0591img_0594 img_0596 img_0595


Tuesday 15th November 2016

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

This afternoon Beech Class was busy sharing and grouping gifts for our shoe boxes to send to children who are not as lucky as we are in time for Christmas. This was a very moving experience for lots of children who said they felt special helping other people. Other children said that this was also helping God look after things in His world (which is what God had asked Adam to do) because we are looking after other children. We are going to send our shoe boxes to the Shoe Box Appeal Drop Off with a letter in each box for each child.This was an important reminder to us of how lucky we are and so today we wrote a class prayer, praying for children in the world who do not have the things that we do and said thank you for everything we have been given.


Tree Poetry

Thank you for such a beautiful poem in the same style as the one we read in class together. This had to be shared!



Friday 11th November 2016

The Ten Commandments

This week we have been thinking about remembering and why it is important to write things down. When Moses went up Mount Sinai he received the Ten Commandments from God. We have been discussing why it is important that scriptures are written down. This afternoon we got to thinking about the Ten Commandments and tried to rank them in order of importance which led to some critical thinking and deep discussion in class. I promised that I would put them up here in order to carry on thinking about it at home during the weekend until we come back next week.

img_05311 img_05321

Remembrance Day

To commemorate this day we wrote about the importance of Remembrance Day for our Big Write this morning. We also watched the Queen lay a poppy wreath at the Cenotaph and so we made one too in class after our two minutes of silence to remember our soldiers.



Have a fantastic Half Term!

Friday 21st October 2016

It’s Golden Time!

We finally collected all the pieces to our St. Mary’s badge puzzle which of course now means we have earned Golden Time! Some children claimed that seeing the final piece of the puzzle go on the badge was the best moment of Year 1 so far! As you can see by some of our faces we were QUITE excited!!!


Where did Beech Class go?

Beech Class put on their penguin masks today and went out to face the freezing weather in the South Pole learning how penguins keep warm huddling closely together. Miss Avetoom forgot to bring Flappy but of course Beech Class did not so he came too.


Tuesday 18th October 2016

Grouping in Tens and Ones

In Maths this week we have been learning to group numbers into tens when counting to develop a sense of place value.


Monday 17th October 2016


This week we learnt about Moses and how he led the Israelites out of Egypt. After they crossed the Red Sea, they travelled for a long time in the wilderness and were tired and hungry. Do you remember what God sent the Israelites? To commemorate the Jewish holiday Sukkot, we built our own Sukkah outside in the playground.


Naming Baby Penguin

After reading many letters about naming baby penguin, the class voted that he shall be named Flappy Knana. Welcome to Beech Class Flappy Knana!


Wednesday 12th October 2016


Please click below for information regarding this year’s homework


Tuesday 4th October 2016

Today Beech class received a mysterious parcel from the South Pole. As we opened the parcel, we found a baby penguin with a label around him, saying ‘please look after this penguin’. We wrote a letter to Mummy and Daddy penguin asking questions and also sent them pictures of him happy in Beech class and sent it to the South Pole. We are awaiting a reply.


September 2016

In The Night Sky

One story we learnt to retell from our story map this half term is called ‘In The Night Sky’. Can you retell the story at home? We also made predictions about what could have been inside of the box!

in-the-night-sky-2 img_02711

Autumn 1 curriculum overview

Please click below to see the overview of this term’s teaching.



11th July 2016

Wolf Field’s sports morning

IMG_0340 IMG_0342 IMG_0344 IMG_0346 IMG_0348 IMG_0351 IMG_0367 IMG_0372

1st July 2016

Today we took part in our sports afternoon! because of the weather and other circumstances we had to be very creative in our space and activity allocation (classrooms and hall space!).  Despite the rain, the afternoon was very successful and the children really enjoyed themselves!

IMG_0535 IMG_0699 IMG_0738 IMG_0740 IMG_0755 IMG_0775 IMG_0791 IMG_0801 IMG_0834 IMG_0856 IMG_0889 IMG_0892 IMG_0897 IMG_0908 IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0915 IMG_0920 IMG_0926 IMG_0929

10th June 2016

This week has been very busy for all the children and staff. Both Ash class and Beech class started their tennis lessons…

IMG_0755 IMG_0758 IMG_0756 IMG_0759 IMG_0762

We also celebrated the Queen’s birthday with a party in the outdoor area! We played games and had party food. All the children and staff really enjoyed themselves!

IMG_0325 IMG_0320 IMG_0308 IMG_0302 IMG_0293 IMG_0287 IMG_0276 IMG_0271 IMG_0264 IMG_0253 IMG_0734

23rd March 2016

Today we judged our Easter Garden competition. Mrs James and Reverend Jeff were on hand to judge the amazing entries.

Details of the winners and some photos of the very creative gardens are on Ash class’s page. Please have a look to see this stunning horticulture.


10th February 2016

African Sunsets

Beech class have been learning about Africa this term. These paintings were inspired by some of the books we have looked at.


IMG_3934 IMG_3935 IMG_3936 IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941

30th November 2015

The Crew Science Workshop

Beech class had a fun morning learning more facts about the human body. The interactive workshop provided all the children with hands on performance based learning where the children pretended to be a specific human body part. Beech class were split into two teams, red team verses blue team. Both teams collected points for answering questions about the five senses correctly. The children thoroughly enjoyed working with the large costumes and props, and are now human body experts!

image image_1 image_2 image_3

4th November 2015

Beech class enjoyed a day of art with Ash class. We worked with Alison McCulloch to make a Noah’s Ark wall hanging for the school hall. It is still a work in progess, and we hope to have it finished and in the hall by the end of term. Photos of the day and the finished piece will follow.

image_1 image_5